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Blender 2.3 Released! May replace Silo for my modeling needs.

To date I have been using Silo for most of my polygon modeling. Today I gave Blender 2.3 a try with BMesh and it was wonderful. Not only did I get BMesh, but I also downloaded a 3Delight exporter from … Continue reading

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Quick Octane render of Vader’s Tie Fighter with a model off of Blendswap

Sometimes it is fun to just grab someone else’s model and do a quick render. This model was done by Benjob and I rendered it in Octane. This one is using octane beta 2.52 and about 4000 samples using pmc.

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Gnome Toss Unity3d Tutorial Project – Make a game like angry birds!

Time To Toss Some Gnomes! Head on over to the tutorial site to play the game and if you are interested you can buy the tutorial project there for $4USD! What is Gnome Toss? Gnome Toss is a game about … Continue reading

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Makeroids – Asteroids Tutorial in Unity3D

A complete tutorial for creating an asteroids clone using Unity.

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Tic Tac Toe – Finished

I have finally completed a small game project: Tic Tac Toe! Because of the awesomeness that is Unity it is available on the web, however it is currently hosted on my own tiny server so this might be a bit … Continue reading

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Game Breakdown – God of War 3

I have thoroughly enjoyed every installment of the God of War series and the third finishes the story off very well. The following are some random thoughts and opinions on this game which will obviously contain spoilers. Playtime My recorded … Continue reading

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Game Breakdown: Trine

I was really surprised by this great game. I have NEVER had as many people walk by my desk and comment on what I am playing. “What game is that?” “Wow, that looks gorgeous”. Explaining the mechanics to them is … Continue reading

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I see you – Na’vi Introduction Accessibility is a key in both movie making and in games and I believe that Avatar embodies the “simple but deep” development philosophy. This combined with cutting edge visuals and spectacle is where the … Continue reading

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Game Breakdown: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

In my game breakdowns I typically try and focus on the overall product and what makes it tick as a game. Having just finished Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) I am struggling to break down the experience because…it is a highly … Continue reading

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Entertaining Technical Distractions

Over the last few months I have had a great deal of fun and pain with electronics and gadgets. In the last few months I have: Built a home theater Broke, Repaired and Upgraded my PC Buidling a home theater … Continue reading

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