Gnome Toss Unity3d Tutorial Project – Make a game like angry birds!

Time To Toss Some Gnomes!

Head on over to the tutorial site to play the game and if you are interested you can buy the tutorial project there for $4USD!

What is Gnome Toss?
Gnome Toss is a game about throwing Gnomes at pesky pigeons. There will be many more enemies and environments if and when there are new releases! Gnome Toss is IGAMEMAKER.COM’s third Unity based game.

Where is Gnome Toss at in its development?
The current Gnome Toss is a proof of concept heavily influenced by Angry Birds. It will be developed in the future into its own unique play mechanic targeting mobile devices.

Why release a tutorial project at the Proof of Concept phase?
I think it is a good starting point for your own project. I have several game ideas that differentiate from the standard Angry Bird’s play mechanic and I will be developing them separately. I’m sure other people have the same idea and could learn from the project file. If people support IGAMEMAKER.COM by buying this project file I will release more project files at critical milestones.

What does the tutorial project contain?
All the art, data, audio, unity files and project files to create what you can play right here.

  • 16 C Sharp Files
  • 21 svg (inkscape) vector graphic files
  • 54 png image files for the game
  • 12 unity files
  • 16 prefabs

What software do I need to use the project files and how much are they?

How much? How does free sound? Here are the tools I used to make this all of which are free or have free versions:

What about tutorial files? PDFs? Videos?
I will do my best to create some tutorial information around this product but I would love to hear what you would like information about. I think the project file is the best way to learn. If you have a specific question or idea for a video you think would help everyone out, please let me know at! In the meantime check out my Vimeo site for other tutorials.


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