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Blender/BMesh/3Delight Ship Turn Around Test

After downloading Blender 2.63 and Matt Ebb’s 3Delight blender plug-in I decided to do a quick sketch of a space ship. This took me about 10-15 minutes to model and for some crazy reason 3 days to render. This was … Continue reading

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Blender 2.3 Released! May replace Silo for my modeling needs.

To date I have been using Silo for most of my polygon modeling. Today I gave Blender 2.3 a try with BMesh and it was wonderful. Not only did I get BMesh, but I also downloaded a 3Delight exporter from … Continue reading

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Mini Review – Maya’s Camera Sequencer, The Gnomon Workshop

I just finished watching Maya’s Camera Sequencer video by John Clark. Good: Two hour overview of what the Camera sequencer is Walks you through all of the different interfaces and buttons Gives advice on how to optimise the output of … Continue reading

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Quick Octane render of Vader’s Tie Fighter with a model off of Blendswap

Sometimes it is fun to just grab someone else’s model and do a quick render. This model was done by Benjob and I rendered it in Octane. This one is using octane beta 2.52 and about 4000 samples using pmc.

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TED – Inspiration at its finest

Watching a video like this encourages me to make more how to video’s to get more people, young or old, into making video games. How many other industries offer inspiration from a 6th grader? I have settled in my new … Continue reading

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Terragen: Two Planet Sketch

Haven’t had much time to do projects lately but wanted to knock out a quick image tonight. I’m not that happy with the result. I have to get a better grand space opera feel to it and find some great … Continue reading

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Random Space Stuff – Terragen, Paint.NET and Octane

Thought I would knock out another couple of images tonight. I have a long way to go but the iterations are fun. First up a space scene done in Terragen 2 with two planets. I took the resulting image into … Continue reading

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Dabbling in Art: Terragen 2.3

Forcing yourself to do very short projects is always a creative motivator when you don’t have much free time. Today I spent about 5 minutes playing with Terragen 2.3 and about 15 minutes rendering. For 5 minutes invested you get … Continue reading

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Tron inspired sphere test render

Quick test render, no post processing. Modeled in Silo, rendered with Octane on my GPU and inspired by this blender cookie tutorial. HDRI sky box courtesy of

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TIP: Skinned Mesh Export from Blender 2.5 to Unity

A 7-minute tutorial on how to get a basic skinned mesh through to unity. I ran into this issue and thought I would share my discovery of a way that works. The short version if you know blender well is … Continue reading

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