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Dabbling in Art: Terragen 2.3

Forcing yourself to do very short projects is always a creative motivator when you don’t have much free time. Today I spent about 5 minutes playing with Terragen 2.3 and about 15 minutes rendering. For 5 minutes invested you get … Continue reading

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Finished Portal 2 Single Player

Just finished Portal 2 and I wanted to put my 2 cents in on the experience. I generally found the game easier than the first game until the last couple of levels. The variety in story was roughly as good, … Continue reading

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Gnome Toss Unity3d Tutorial Project – Make a game like angry birds!

Time To Toss Some Gnomes! Head on over to the tutorial site to play the game and if you are interested you can buy the tutorial project there for $4USD! What is Gnome Toss? Gnome Toss is a game about … Continue reading

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Site Update and Learning HTML

Out with the old and in with the new. One of my goals for April was to get my tutorial site updated so it didn’t look…pathetic. Rather than spend money on a pre-made solution and not learn much of anything … Continue reading

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Tron inspired sphere test render

Quick test render, no post processing. Modeled in Silo, rendered with Octane on my GPU and inspired by this blender cookie tutorial. HDRI sky box courtesy of

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TIP: Skinned Mesh Export from Blender 2.5 to Unity

A 7-minute tutorial on how to get a basic skinned mesh through to unity. I ran into this issue and thought I would share my discovery of a way that works. The short version if you know blender well is … Continue reading

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Makeroids Update – Music and art

A couple of generous people got a hold of the Makeroids Project file and made an updated version of the game. It now has music and improved artwork. I am glad to see others having as much fun as I … Continue reading

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Makeroids tutorial site refresh

I am trying the lean startup thing and I have been launching what I have nearly as fast as possible. That meant my first attempt at a page was ugly. My second attempt is a bit of an improvement but … Continue reading

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Inkscape art and a hint at what is next

My next game/tutorial is well underway and I just got to make a little bit of art. These are the first two weeks I have dedicated to art in over 10 years. It has been a great reminder of how … Continue reading

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Makeroids – Asteroids Tutorial in Unity3D

A complete tutorial for creating an asteroids clone using Unity.

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