Finished Portal 2 Single Player

Just finished Portal 2 and I wanted to put my 2 cents in on the experience.

I generally found the game easier than the first game until the last couple of levels. The variety in story was roughly as good, but less of a surprise because it wasn’t as new or fresh as the original. I think I finished the first game in about 4.5 hours. The single player in Portal 2 took me about 6.8 hours. Was it worth $50? Absolutely, even if I don’t play COOP I am happy with the purchase. Portal was still superior as a single player experience to me but I will have to give COOP a try before having a final verdict on this game.

All told, this was a great game and my hat is off to Valve for making a good sequel.

And now I will get into a little of what I think made it great:

  1. Puzzles – Simple ingredients, great levels
    1. Portal Gun – Awesome
    2. Gels – Portal/Jump/Speed – Brilliant extension of core mechanic with great puzzles
    3. Blocking Beams, lasers and gravity tubes – Plenty of level variety
  2. Writing and Voice Acting – Great pacing and variety
    1. First third of the game, same old same old, was getting tired of it and seemed forced
    2. Middle third – Origin story with a human touch
    3. Last third – Rivalry
That is it…a very short features list, well executed with great pacing. Less IS more and this game did a good job of extending the features without blowing it out to being ridiculous. If I had one complaint it would be that it was probably easier than the first game.
I do recommend picking it up.
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