Mini Review – Maya’s Camera Sequencer, The Gnomon Workshop

I just finished watching Maya’s Camera Sequencer video by John Clark.


  • Two hour overview of what the Camera sequencer is
  • Walks you through all of the different interfaces and buttons
  • Gives advice on how to optimise the output of the play blasts
  • Finishes with a story board to roughed in animatic that is fairly good.
  • The audio and descriptions are very clear


  • Over priced at $59. If the product was priced at around $20-$30 I think I would be happy.
  • Microphone quality was a bit poor
  • Would have liked to have seen process of exporting and importing from video editing program
  • I also wonder why the gnomon workshop doesn’t have reviews and ratings on their site. Oh well… 🙂

If you know you need to use the sequencer I would put even odds on being able to figure it out on your own and this video saving you a bunch of time. For me being fairly new to Maya it was well worth the time investment and only slightly over priced. I’m interested in what Maya tutorials to hit next!

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