Random Space Stuff – Terragen, Paint.NET and Octane

Thought I would knock out another couple of images tonight. I have a long way to go but the iterations are fun.

First up a space scene done in Terragen 2 with two planets. I took the resulting image into Paint.NET, masked out the planet, added some noise for stars and then a cloud layer to get some blue colour variety in the stars.

Art piece #2 was a 10 minute modeling challenge in Silo where I was going to try and get a ship to render into the previous space scene. Then it looked cooler as a wood model in Octane!

Doing speed art modeling is sometimes much more rewarding than writing code! However I get trapped in the rendering loop more than the asset creation. All told I probably spent an hour and a half on these tonight and about 75% of that was just tweaking renders and having fun.

If anyone has any artistic critique’s on these please send it my way as I have next to no experience making art.

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