Star Destroyer Part II – Geometry Block In

It has been a couple weeks since I looked at my Star Destroyer model. Last time I had come to the conclusion that I should start over because the geometry was messed up in the back of the ship. Rather than start from scratch I decided to delete the geometry be doing a boolean subtraction of a cube from that half of the model.


In order to subtract half the model I went through every vertex that should be aligned and moved them to 0.0 on the X-axis. Then when I subtracted the cube from that half I had a perfectly divided Star Destroyer and my bad geometry was gone forever.

Next step was adding some detail to the engines. I did this using some capped cylinders and extruding them back into themselves to make the engine shape. I still haven’t finished with the bottom of the ship but I might skip to details and UV mapping next week to maximize my learnings.

By no means do I consider this a “good block-in”. This is about building by skills, not fine art!


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