Star Destroyer Part II – Failure to block in

I’m forcing myself to blog once a week and sometimes it is tough! However, much like working out it feels good once you are done.

Failed Star Destroyer Block In

Failed Star Destroyer Block In

Today I attempted to block in the geometry for a star destroyer. You can see it in the image attached. At first glance I was fairly happy about how the top of the ship turned out and was going to spend some time on the back and bottom. Then I noticed a disaster at the rear of the ship. I had connected the top of the ship to the bottom by selecting the wrong vertex for an early split! Luckily I had only put in about 20-30 minutes of work which was mostly figuring out the tools to split the geometry where I needed it to be. If I learn how to do mirroring and know all the tools I think I could do this in about 10-15 minutes. I learned a lesson in always checking what vertex you have selected when splitting because the rear of my start destroyer is a dogs breakfast! I ended up splitting along the wrong face and have a rogue vertex sticking out in the middle of nowhere and I’m not sure how to repair it. Detail is the last step when modeling, I should have gone for a rough in of the rear of the ship and bottom before focusing on the top.

At this point I think I would rather just try it all again and learn the tools better. I’ll give Star Destroyer Part II another try in an upcoming post and hopefully have better results. But who knows…I might take this incorrect model and texture it just to figure out the texture tools.

p.s. I mentioned trying to model last week without a mouse. WOW, what a difference having a mouse makes!

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