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Simple ship movement with Box2D (Part 3 – Trying to tune the force)

Use the Force, Luke. – Obi-Wan In the previous Part 1 and Part 2 I did what I would consider the easy stuff for tuning ship movement. This week was an attempt at getting a tuned ship movement experience while … Continue reading

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Simple ship movement with Box2D (Part 2 – Changing the limits)

In Part 1 there were a few things I needed to adjust in how I was using Box2D for my application. This post is basically about trying those changes out. What did I learn? Sometimes I find that when you … Continue reading

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Simple ship movement with Box2D (Part 1 – Box2D basics)

When adopting any technology it is always a good idea to look into how its authors intended for it to be used. Since I  skipped that step with Box2D and was having issues with physics, I thought I would start … Continue reading

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