Inventing on Principle

If you haven’t watched this talk by Bret Victor I highly recommend it:

This made me wonder what my principle is.

The short version: I Game Maker.

The longer version:
I believe that with the advancement in tools, technology and readily available education, one person can create all the aspects of a game. Having individual game makers will allow the creation of experiences that are purely one persons vision, from conceptualization to delivery. I think the world will be a better place when the outlet to create interactive worlds and ideas is more exciting to people than being a content consumer. People should know that they can make a game on their own.

Creating a game on your own doesn’t mean this is the most efficient way. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t feedback or editing or certain areas where a person needs help. I believe any creative endeavor is built on the shoulders of giants, much like Michael Abrash’s quote:

“None of us learn in a vacuum; we all stand on the shoulders of giants such as Wirth and Knuth and thousands of others. Lend your shoulders to building the future!” -Michael Abrash

My long term goals for this site is to share my journey and experiments on creating games in hopes of answering this question for myself. I want to see what types of games I can make on my own standing on the shoulder of current “game giant” software. Here are some of my favorites: Unity, Unreal, Blender, Inkscape, Paint.NET, Alchemy, Visual Studio, Clang, GIMP and numerous others I am probably forgetting.

I also want to take a moment to thank all my friends who have graciously offered to help me on my projects in the past. I hope that this clarification of the principles helps you understand why I have turned down help in the past. The end result of one game is not the point, the journey to make a game is what it is all about.

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