Hardware addiction and potential Mac conversion

I’ve heard that the first step is admitting that you have a problem. In recent months I have been keeping my gadget addiction to a minimum through smaller purchases like new keyboards, mice and mouse pads.

Did my new apple keyboard satisfy my cravings?

Did my new Razer Solmosa mouse satisfy my gadget needs?

Did my new Steelseries glass mouse pad slow down my need to purchase gadgets?

Did my BRAND NEW OCZ Vertex SSD drive satisfy my gadget needs?
YES! For now..

120GB OCZ Vertex SSD

I have a brand new OCZ Vertex SSD drive with no computer to put it in and it is the most exciting purchase that I have made in years. I’m not actually sure if I am more excited about the drive than a new laptop. This doesn’t make rational sense as having your boot times going from 1:30 to 0:30 wouldn’t be worth it to most people for the $349 Canadian that I spent on the drive…however for some reason it is the perfect gadget as SSD is probably the most significant advance in computer technology in years. I’m not deterred by the fact that it looks like a magazine bundled insert, that it weighs next to nothing and looks simple. This is a true gadget. Now I just need to find a place to put it.

What laptop will I buy?

I currently run on an aging Sony Vaio T140p that I bought a a job changing present for myself about four and half years ago. The little beast cost me about $2500 back then and I have loved having it for the last four years. I am hoping that my next laptop will last about 4-5 years as well and I am willing to spend about the same. Having friends making iPhone/iPod Touch games and playing them really makes me think that a MacBook Pro might just be the ticket.
I was initially going to go with the 13″ MacBook Pro but the reports that the screen has 6-bit processing has turned me off of it. I think the 17″ is to big and way overpriced so I will most likely end up with one of the 15″ models if I go the MacBook Pro route. If I do take the plunge it will be next weekend.

Laptop options

  1. MacBook Pro 15″
  2. Dell XPS 16″
  3. Sony FW

Stay tuned

Sadly this game making hardware obsession will take a dent out of any of the ongoing game projects. I will take a technical bend in profiling and setting up the machine in the next few weeks worth of posting. Oh…and I sold my house in the last couple weeks and will be moving so my posts will be a bit more erratic in the next little while…

If you have any advice for laptops or suggestions please fire them my way.

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2 Responses to Hardware addiction and potential Mac conversion

  1. MatC says:

    I picked up the 13inch Mac back at the start of February. I went 13 as I have a 24inch monitor on my desk that I dual screen with – and the 13 was a more portable size (and cheaper) than the 15. So I’d recommend the 13 if you are going to run a second monitor at home

    • jhuculak says:

      I took a look at them in the store and I don’t think I could handle the size of the 15″. I’m currently typing away on my new 13″ MBP and so far it looks like a sweet deal. That said, I think I’m going to rant on OSX and a few little things in my next post!

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