Detours based on complexity

Lasts weeks design treatment was really exciting for me. It made me really think through what I wanted to make. This week I was comparing my progress against that design and my lack of progress made me worry. Why not do a really quickly check to see if I was on the wrong path by implementing another style of game in a hurry? Why write a design document that is meant to focus me on something and then run off and do something else?

Thinking through the design treatment made me realize that I will probably take a LONG time to finish the game for the treatment that I had just done! I want to find something I can do faster. Having played iDracula for the iPod Touch and knowing that it is basically a 100% re-skin of Crimsonland made me wonder if this kind of game would be easier to accomplish in my limited time-frame. So I sat down to convert my space game to a man walking in 3 hours or less. Needless to say…I didn’t finish. I didn’t even get close by a long shot. But I got a way better feel than I did flying a ship around!

So what do I have? I have the worst animation of legs and arms I have ever seen with shooting controlled by the mouse and the guy flying around like a space ship in space. The demo is so comically bad in its current state that I thought I should post it expressly so that I am forced to make it better! Steer your feet with “WASD” or the arrow keys. Aim using the mouse and the left mouse button to fire. Remember…I warned you it is BAD, but if you want to try, grab it here.

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