Art and Audio contracting looks easier than code and design

IndieGame, a great place to find contracts:

In order to build a game you need to be good at lots of things. One of the things I was originally planning to do was try and do everything myself here at this site. With the progress that I am making on the code (or lack there of) I started to look at some of the Art portfolio’s on Looking at these has got me excited that for a few thousand dollars you can get some really professional looking art. I wouldn’t say that it is cutting edge “next generation” but it is definitely professional looking and competitive in the casual gaming market. The biggest benefit I got reading through the forums was finding out that art and audio are more readily available than coding contracts. Since this matches with my own skill set this is a “good thing” in that my weakest areas can be compensated with cash.

The lack of contracts posted for gaming or design in the indie space made me wonder if most projects are actually programmer driven and if so, how different of a creative space it is vs. mainstream games that seem to be more design driven. Perhaps this is why I am so entertained by Indie games?

After finding that information, it made me feel that I was on the right path with just getting together a tool set for prototyping games and got me excited about working on the engine again. Which leads me to another progress update.

Where am I supposed to be at?

  • Add in Steering library code and expose engine to lua (Nov 16-23rd)

In my previous planning post I laid out my next objectives as exposing the engine to Lua and getting the Open Steer library into the project by November 23rd. I’m a little behind on that in two ways. First off it is the 30th and secondly I have decided not expose everything to Lua because of the pkg file work involved. Where I am at right now is simply having all of the libraries (Box2D, Lua, SexyAppFramework/Popcap and OpenSteer) compiling together under Visual Studio Express 2005.

Next up is supposed to be:

  • Clean up code for posting, read through various licenses to determine restrictions on posting (Nov 30th-Dec 7th)

I am interested in looking at this soon but I think the next post will still be about engine progress rather than license research. I want my demo to be a little more playable before I post the code and therefore the license stuff isn’t relevant until I am ready to post. I am still very excited that I might post the code before the new year!

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