What is this blog all about?

It all really started with me sitting in front of an Atari 2600 and falling in love at the age of four. This story could be an example achieving your childhood dreams from a great book The Last Lecture, but somewhere along the line, the games industry changed a little to not match the dream I had as a four year old. Back then a programmer really did everything on a game: art, sound, design, game play logic. I currently work in the games industry and these tasks are now spread out over fifty or more people. I want to test out what I can do on my own to see if the advances in game creation tools and the availability of information means that it is still possible to make great games on your own. I still love my day job making games, but I want to try projects of my own making. Succeed or fail, I will be learning and sharing along the way. So begins I, Game Maker.

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